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Gróf Degenfeld Palace


It is very rare that the most emblematic building in a city, let alone a whole region, comes up for sale. It is like the Hungarian Parliament being sold.
The Degenfeld Palace which is the most central building in the city of Tokaj and the entire Tokaj wine region, is now for sale.


The building is physically located at 1 Tokaj, Kossuth square. It is a complex building with a total of 1,804 m2 (useful floor area). It was completely renovated in the early 2000s and is still in good technical condition.



The town of Tokaj is located in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, 54 km east of Miskolc, at the foot of the Tokaj mountain, at the meeting of the Tisza-Bodrog river, along the roads and railways between Miskolc-Nyíregyháza.
Tokaj, the center of the district indicated by its name, is a small town located in the South-Eastern part of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. Permanent population on 1 January 2021 is 3,771 people. The development of the settlement near the Tisza played a role in its location as a transport hub, as well as its leading position in grape growing and winemaking.
The meeting of the Tisza and Bodrog rivers and the panorama of the Tokaj mountain towering above the settlement give the small town unparalleled natural beauty.
The tourism attraction of Tokaj is strengthened not only by the well-deserved world-famous wines, the rich architectural and cultural heritage, but also by the annual programs held in the settlement. The high-quality, open-air performances of the 2,500 person Fesztiválkatlan, which is unique in Hungary and was built on the site of the former Patkó mine, the program of the Paulay Ede stone theater, the harvest days related to grape growing and winemaking, and the wine festival attract visitors from beyond the border.
Tokaj can be reached by road on highway 38, by train on the line between Budapest-Miskolc-Szerencs-Nyíregyháza. InterCity trains also stop at the city’s train station.
The Tokaj foothills wine region is part of the World Heritage, in which Tokaj belongs to the core area.


Location of the building

The property is located in the centre of the historic district, on Kossuth Square.
Kossuth Square can be reached by car from Bethlen Gábor street, Rákóczi street and Zákó street. In the area around the square you can find catering, tourism, commercial, service businesses, public institutions, church buildings and detached houses.
The Degenfeld Palace is one of the most beautiful late neoclassical buildings in the main square, and fits in perfectly with the architectural style of the buildings surrounding the square.


Characteristics of the building

The original builders were the Count Degenfeld-Schonburg family, and the building was restored in 1875 until the restoration and rebuilding work began in 1998. The building has been rebuilt several times throughout its history. The Count Degenfeld family, as the old-new owners, restored, renovated and modernised the building between 1998 and 2001.
The ground plan layout of the building is an asymmetrical “U” shape, the building wing facing the street facing Kossuth Square is joined by building wings facing south and north towards the courtyard. A gateway to Bodrog was opened on the ground floor of the building wing facing the street.
The levels of the building are the following: basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor (on the north wing) and attic.
Planned features: wine bar (wine cellar) in the basement, restaurant, wine and gift shop on the ground floor, offices and apartments for rent upstairs, conference rooms in the attic.
In their current state, the rooms are suitable for the planned functions.


The main structural parts of the building: vaulted basement, load-bearing wall of thick sandstone, in some places with brick wedges, floor and end slab flat slab, roof made of wood, on the two-seater street-front building wing, throat beam roof truss on the courtyard wings, gable roof fitting, beaver tail replacement.
The rooms of the large building are easily accessible through the open entrance doors on the facades of the building wings. The building levels are connected by comfortable internal stairs.
A freight elevator was built in the north wing of the building which starting from the ground floor.
During the restoration-construction, which started in 1998, the building was renovated and modernised following the technical condition survey and design design.
The works carried out were roughly as follows:
– wall and basement insulation,
– supporting the walls being built in the basement,
– gate passage vault, reinforcement of straps,
– replacement of wooden slabs, construction of a solid roof slab,
– floor extension on the North wing,
– conversion to new functions,
– conversion and strengthening of the roof structure,
– roof shell replacement,
– restoration of facades,
– installation of new doors and windows,
– replacement of covers,
– extension and renovation of stair structures,
– creation of paving in the Zákó-köz and in the interior of the block,
– building engineering systems:
– water supply, sewerage, gas supply, electricity networks,
– heating, ventilation and cooling systems,
– renovation and construction of fire protection, lightning protection and asset protection systems.
The gross floor area of ​​the building is 2,602 m2, the useful floor area is 1,804 m2, the reduced floor area is 1,654 m2. The floor area of ​​the rooms is included in the list of rooms per building level and use.


Technical description

The flooring is glued oak parquet in the warm-floor rooms and ceramic in the cold-floor rooms. The walls are painted, the wet rooms are covered with wall tiles. Exterior doors and windows are made of wood with insulating glazing, interior doors are made of wood, with either single or double leaf, full door or glazed. Doors and windows are custom made.
The building is heated by hot water, radiator central heating, with heating energy provided by gas boilers. The attic rooms are air-conditioned by a cooling system.
In some rooms (wine bar, kitchen, restaurant) a mechanical ventilation system was installed.
Asset protection is monitored by an alarm system, fire protection by a detection and alarm system. The building is equipped with standard lightning protection.
The conversion and renovation was carried out in compliance with the professional and official regulations in force at the time of construction, with the installation of new materials. The builder has a quality certificate for the materials and equipment used.


Usage of the building

The building is currently used as a restaurant, wine bar, rental offices, 4 apartments and multi-functional rooms.
The potential uses of the building are extremely diverse: luxury hotel, office building, conference centre, educational institution and many more goals can be achieved.


Spatial distribution of the property





Net price of the property: 455.000.000,- (HUF)


Floor plans

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